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The present agreement (further — the agreement) governs the relations between the client and the agent (joint named "sides", and
separately also — "side") regarding intermediary services rendered by the agent. Realizing the order according to the agreement,
the client confirms the consent and acceptance of conditions of the agreement.
1. Basic concepts :
1.1. Agent — the HELPWoW.com shop rendering to clients intermediary services according to the agreement;
1.2. Client — the natural person who interested and/or has addressed to the agent for receiving intermediary services;
1.3. Intermediary services — the actions of the agent which are realized by the agent on its own behalf, but for the customer account, the interactions of the client directed on the organization with players on implementation of these or those actions by them within the appropriate game;
1.4. Game — interactive computer online game which is the computer program;
1.5. Player— the person which is taking part in game;
1.6. Game object — game account, game resource, game subject(item);
1.7. Game account — the accounting entry containing data on the player, his game character and his progress in game;
1.8. Game resource — game money (gold, coins, rubles, Mang, etc.), recognized by rules of the appropriate game a game instrument of payment or in other game conventional unit representing a measure of this or that game value, progress in game, etc.;
1.9. Game subject (Item) — the game weapon, armor, clothes, artifacts, other things, and also the other individually certain subjects(item) used in game;
1.10. Boosting of the character— the actions which are carried out according to rules of the game by means of the corresponding participation in game, directed on:
а) increase in these or those game indicators of the character: experience, skills, level, abilities, etc. qualitative and/or quantitative characteristics of the character of game — and/or
b) passing of this or that game stage;
1.11. Site of the agent — the Internet site of the agent placed under a domain name
2. Order of registration of the order and receiving services.
2.1. The client is obliged to study attentively the agreement both other rules and the instructions, concerning rendering by the agent of intermediary services (are published on the website of the agent).
2.2. For order registration the client chooses by means of a form on a site of the agent necessary service and fills all fields noted as obligatory. In addition specified fields will contain the essential terms of transaction, concluded by the agent with the third parties (players) for AGREEMENT execution. the agent has the right to depart from the specified conditions only provided that it won't infringe upon interests of the client and won't entail for it additional expenses. Concerning the conditions not stipulated by the client the agent has the right to act at discretion.
2.3. The client, sending to the agent the filled form, gives the full and unconditional consent to observance of the agreement and other conditions of rendering by the agent of the services stated on a site of the agent, and also conditions of the transactions chosen by the client at filling of a form (character, volume of services, their cost, etc.) on whom the agent will conclude bargains with the third parties in pursuance of the agreement.
2.4. After departure of a form of the order the client makes payment on the specified tariff. The specified sum of payment goes the agent for payment of actions of the player on concluded with the agent in interests of the client to the bargain, and also includes remuneration of the agent on the agreement.
2.5. Payment is made by any of specified on a site of the agent of ways. The parties by agreement can choose a different way of payment.
2.6. The agent undertakes to make necessary actions in pursuance of the agreement in reasonable terms. As a rule, the agent specifies usual dates of performance for the corresponding order on a site of the agent.
2.7. The client can charge to the agent the conclusion of the transaction with the player for commission of the actions leading to transfer to the client of game object, pumping of the character or with other purposes, and also other actions specified on a site of the agent.
2.8 . In case of the order of the intermediary services directed on boosting of the character of the client the client undertakes to transfer to the agent necessary information (data of a game account — for an entrance to game and implementation of game process by the corresponding character). The client understands and agrees that specified information will be transferred by the agent to the third party who will be found by the agent, for implementation of pumping of the character.
3. Special conditions :
3.1. The client understands and confirms that the agent acts at the request of the client that the agent carries out only mediatorial functions for the client and can't bear responsibility for possible actual and/or legal consequences of execution by the player and other third parties of the order of the client (for example, in some games game sanctions for these or those actions including account blocking for transfer to his third parties can be provided; The Agent doesn't carry out studying and/or verification of rules of games and doesn't carry out check of actions of the client, including connected with the agreement, on compliance to rules of games). The agent bears responsibility only for appropriate commission by the third parties of the actions ordered by the client, but not for their effect, result.

3.2. From the agent placement of documents on a site of the agent since only the agent and the persons authorized by it have the right for access to information published on the website of the agent will be considered as appropriate signing (analog of the autographic signature) also. The documents published on the website as a result of criminal acts of the third parties, won't have validity for the parties.

3.3. The messages directed from contact e-mail addresses of the parties, are the documents made in a simple written form and properly by signed by the corresponding party (sender) by analog the autographic signature. The parties agree that such documents (messages) will have validity without any additional confirmations or registrations (including without their autographic signing) if only other directly isn't specified on a site of the agent or isn't coordinated by the parties.

3.4. About risks for buying accounts: We guarantee 30 days money back if recall account happens, after this we can try help you fix this problem.
4. Privacy policy:
4.1. All information which we receive from you, is used only for delivery of the order, order specification, or change of the status of the order and won't be transferred to the third parties.
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